BeerRiot has closed.

In the spring of 2007, BeerRiot began as an experiment. Its main goal was to provide a sandbox for its creator to learn the ways of web applications. Its secondary goal was to help people explore the wide world of beer, by providing personalized recommendations to guide them through the sea of choice available. The site succeeded more in its primary goal than in its secondary, and so now over six years later, it is time to put it to rest to make time for other experiments.

If you were a BeerRiot member, and you would like an archive of your votes and comments, please send email to bryan at this domain. Thank you all for participating!


Bryan Fink


These are just a few screenshots demonstrating the capabilities of BeerRiot, for posterity.


For those interested in the history of BeerRiot's implementation, here stands a rough timeline.

BeerRiot was written in Erlang from the beginning. At first, it depended heavily on Yariv Sadan's Erlyweb kit. Data was stored in MySQL, HTTP was served via YaWS, and pages were rendered via ErlTL.

A year later, I was working at Basho Technologies, and needed to experiment with tools we were using there. BeerRiot underwent a major rewrite at that time, shifting to Mnesia and Solr for data storage, Webmachine for HTTP, and lots of jQuery for rendering.

Several rewrites were abandoned in the years afterward, all for lack of time. BeerRiot continued to run smoothly, never needing more than the occasional kick to the Jetty server to bring Solr back up after a reboot.